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Some days I just want to lay supine
under the starry skies
and not conjure a poem or two.

Some days I just want to escape to the mountains
and drench myself
in the misty mornings
and not blanket myself from it.

Some days I just want to smile and cry
without the need for a reason.

Sometimes I just don’t want to get drowned
by the torrent of words of sympathy from others
but quench the feeling of emptiness by a warm hug.

Sometimes I want to fly unfettered
with the shackles of societal wishes removed from my feet.

Sometimes I just want to breathe oblivious
to the constant sound of the clock ticking.


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What is this feeling
that makes me want to hurl
things around?

Expletives bouncing
on and off the palates

Screaming quietly
till the veins pop
on my forehead.

Gritting teeth
and an ache rising
from the tip of the head.

Stabbing their feelings
over and over in my head
playing a loop of tit-for-tat.

But I can't, in all real sense
I wished I was bad enough
to let my feelings pierce the target.

I sink my feelings
in a white page
and my soul in agony.

And I go out
To walk

Credits- Rumi Sonowal

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I took the first sip
of your three magical words
and I became tipsy in your love.

You coaxed and poured
more rounds of sweet talks
and I became more inebriated in your love.

I yelled, “Cheers to our love”
Euphoric, I revelled
to the tunes of it everyday.

But nay, you spiked those rounds
Lo! my conscience is all blurred now
straddling between fantasy and reality.

I got a hangover of your memories
and a heartbroken stupor
My mind slowly erodes away.

I lift the bottle of wine,
as a placebo from your toxic love
and an elixir to my poisoned soul.

-Rumi Sonowal

Credits: Bing

To Rose,

On the upper decks of the “unsinkable”,
Beauty breathed into a form,
of part elegance and part gloom
and I couldn’t help but swoon.

Her eyes of melancholy shifted her gaze
and caught me staring in the lower decks
Embarrassed, I snapped my line of sight
heart pulsating with a boom…

Photo by Zulmaury Saavedra on Unsplash

I was born free
but lost my volition
while trying to entertain
a vicious circle
of people’s expectations.

I was trapped in a barricade
with repressed dreams and muted pleas
cordoned off by the cacophony
of everyone else’s wishes,
cloaking my true desires.

I became a marionette
to their meaning of Joie de vivre
The chains around my wrists
taking me to places I don’t want to visit
I slog through unable to flee.

But I met people there
with wishes galore but of their own
I ask them how to own “My Self”
They said, “Summon courage
and your will will do the rest.”

So, I faced my masters
and relinquished their dreams for mine
I embraced my true nature
and walked towards the door
braving the naysayers

To live a dream of my own.

Credits Rumi Sonowal


A reader first, a writer next. Fell into the "Cosmere" rabbit hole and have been staying there ever since.

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